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August 11, 2022, 05:26:28 AM *
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Author Topic: Obama Jobs Summit : Union Executives, Academics, and Big Donors  (Read 995 times)
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« on: December 03, 2009, 09:36:33 AM »

people who have never created a job in their lives.  it was a farce from the get go, because the whole idea of setting up a commission like this is to avoid responsibility.  but this is simply an echo chamber designed to lavish praise on current administration policy.  they will probably recommend another stimulus just like the first worthless exercise in political payola, which will provide obama, pelosi, and reid the political cover they need to throw away another trillion bucks.

this administration is becoming more and more unserious as time drags on.

Union Executives and Academics at Jobs Summit Were Hefty Obama Donors

A large number of union executives and academics who were heavy donors to President Obama's 2008 campaign will be at the table for his White House jobs summit Thursday.

But few big Obama donors are among the top corporate executives on the list -- and they are the ones who will bear the burden of creating the jobs that are needed to bring down the staggering unemployment rate.

And the Chamber of Commerce, with whom the Obama administration has battled over health care and climate change policies, and the National Federation of Independent Business confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that they were not invited to attend the forum on expanding job creation.

According to Federal Election Committee records, of the 29 attendees named on a partial guest list of the 133 forum attendees, five donated personally to Obama while four others work at organizations that contributed heavily to political action committees that supported his campaign. 

Several attendees are labor leaders whose political action committees contributed impressive amounts to Obama's war chest, including one group that gave nearly $29.5 million.


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