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May 28, 2022, 12:08:33 AM *
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Author Topic: Recounts ordered in Afghan vote (afghan election is a mess)  (Read 952 times)
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« on: September 08, 2009, 12:31:24 PM »

what a mess.  but you don't hear about the taliban shutting down polling places, or intimidating voters.  you only hear about karzai supporters stuffing the ballot box.  but while the american media frets about the "legitimacy" of the new government, the stolen election in neighboring iran isn't even mentioned any longer.

I would wager that the obama administration will soon take a position that is hostile to the karzai government.  just because they think that george bush would welcome a karzai re-eelection, and the obamites have graduated from opposing past bush administration policies to opposing imagined or hypothetical bush administration policies.

Recounts ordered in Afghan vote

Afghanistan's Election Complaints Commission has ordered a number of recounts and audits of votes from last month's presidential election.

The UN-backed body warned that it had found "clear and convincing evidence of fraud", the AP news agency reported.

It came after a senior UN envoy called for a crackdown on irregularities, amid mounting concern over the election.

According to the most recent results, President Hamid Karzai was close to the threshold needed for an outright win.

The 20 August poll has been overshadowed by claims of mass fraud and ballot-box stuffing against all the main candidates.

US ambassador Karl Eikenberry met Mr Karzai on Monday night to discuss his concerns. It is not known how the Afghan leader responded.


"Dumb people elect dumb people." -- Natstew
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