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Author Topic: 8 AUG 1840: THE DESTRUCTION OF LINVILLE, TEXAS  (Read 2652 times)
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In 1849, the Penatoka Comanche war chief, Buffalo Hump, led a raid from Coamancheria southeast to the gulf of Mexico. The raid was the result of the massacre of of a peace delegation of Comanche chiefs, and their families, at a peace conference with the Texans.

Buffalo Hump recruited Comanches from other bands, as well as his own, and proceeded to burn, steal and kill his way to the Gulf of Mexico. The government of Texas was unaware the raid was underway until the comanches were well on their way to the Gulf.

On August 8th, as the culmination of the raid, the Comanches sacked and burned Linville, on the gulf of Mexico. Many of the residents survived by taking to the water.

The Comanches, with wagons full of loot, some 1,500 horses, and numbers of prisoners, then headed back home. they were ambushed on the way by Texas Rangers and militia, in a battle that first saw the use, to any great extent, of Colt
revolvers. Although the Texans claimed victory, the Indians broke contact, and fled north with most of their booty and horses. It was one of the most devastating raids in the history of the West.

The raid was portrayed in one of  the "Lonesome Dove" TV movies, with Wes Studi portraying Buffalo Hump.

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