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March 29, 2020, 05:22:48 pm *
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Author Topic: GOERING COMMITS SUICIDE: 15 OCT 1946  (Read 193 times)
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« on: October 14, 2019, 10:58:07 pm »

A World War I Fighter Ace [26 kills], the last commander of the Flying Circus, Commander of Hitler's Luftwaffe, founder of the Gestapo, Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering commits suicide at Nuremberg shortly before his scheduled execution.

Goering had been an early follower of Hitler, and the latter prized him for his drive, ruthlessness, and his "Blue Max" [useful for favorable reportage]. And as Hitler rose, so did Goering. He ran the Air Ministry, the four Year Plan and the Goering  Works, became Speaker of the Reichstag, Minister President of Prussia, and was put in charge of Jewish Affairs.

Goering's star began to set as early as 1940, when his pledge to disrupt the Dunkirk evacuation failed to deliver. That failure was followed up by the failure of the Luftwaffe to win the Battle of Britain, and establish German air supremacy over southern Britain to support Operation Sea Lion.
Goering was temporarily buoyed by early Luftwaffe successes in the USSR. But the failure of the Luftwaffe to sustain the Stalingrad pocket, and continued dimunition of Luftwaffe assets, and successes, on both the Eastern and Western fronts, brought such a worsening of his relations with Hitler, that he stopped attending many of the Fuehrer conferences[His drug addiction, first brought on by wounds received at the Beer Hall Putsch didn't help, either].

After attending Hitler's 56th [and last] birthday, Goering fled to Bavaria, where, when Berlin was surrounded, he messaged Hitler asking if Hitler wanted Goering [as Hitler's official #2] to take over. With the urging of Bormann, Hitler construed the message as treason, and had Goering stripped of all his titles, and put under arrest.

Goering, who had surrendered to the Americans was the lead defendant at Nuremberg, and was convicted of all four counts of the Indictment [it was Goering who had given Heydrich the written order to undertake a final solution to"the Jewish problem"], and sentenced to hang. His request fr death by firing squad was refused. It was only then that Goering took a cyanide capsule he had snuck into prison when he was arrested. His only possible regret was that by killing himself, he left Joachim von Ribbentropp as the first Nazi hanged.

Goering, along with the other condemned defendants, was cremated, and his ashes, along with theirs, were dumped down a sewer.

Goering predicted that with 50 years there would be statues of him ["maybe small statues"] all over Germany. Wrong again.

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