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December 06, 2019, 02:01:35 pm *
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Author Topic: ACES AND EIGHTS: 'WILD BILL' HICKOK MURDERED - 2 AUG 1876  (Read 108 times)
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James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok, first [and probably best] of the West's premiere gunfighters and lawmen, is murdered by Jack McCall in a saloon in Deadwood, South Dakota, while playing poker.

Hickok, who had ceased gun fighting after accidentally shooting a deputy in Texas, was earning his living, as it was as a poker player. He was also going blind In earlier times, he had been a Teamster and a scout for the Union during the civil War. He had fought the first [and one of the few]gunfight as seen in countless movies and television shows, outdrawing Dave Tutt on a Missouri street, and putting a .36 caliber ball through his heart at some 75'.

Hickok then made his reputation in Abilene, Kansas, as the town marshal. He held other law enforcement jobs of and on for several more years. He then teamed with his friend, 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, appearing in a play about their exploits in New York City. But he returned to the West after several months, married [not to 'Calamity Jane', and traveled to a booming gold town,Deadwood to try to make his fortune playing cards.

McCall was tried, and acquitted, based on his perjurious testimony. When his lies were found out, he was seized, re-tried and hanged.

James Butler Hickok was 39 when he died, two years older than his other friend who had died some seven weeks before, George Armstrong Custer. And yes, he was holding Aces and Eights when he died.

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