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August 21, 2018, 01:52:57 pm *
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Author Topic: TWO FOR THE CRIME BLOTTER: 6 AUG  (Read 20 times)
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Athur Flegenheimer , Jr is born. Arthur will collect several nicknmaes in his life,the "Beer Baron of the Bronx" being one of the better known. But the most common, and famous one, was the sobriquet he stole from another criminal - "Dutch Schultz".

Schultz went from small time crime to working for Arnold Rothstein, in an all star cast that included Legs Diamond, Lepke Buchalter, Meyer Lansky and one 'Lucky' Luciano. But Schultz struck out on his own, and began selling bootleg, including his own beer, initially in the Bronx.

Schultz rose, and remained as an outrider. His well known tightfistedness with his gang's profits led to wars with both Legs Diamond and Vincent "Mad Dog' Coll both former associates. Schultz's wars were both bloody, and very public. In fact, after Coll gunned down some children in a drive by aimed at a Schultz associate, the Commission had him whacked.

Schultz was one of the first major gangsters Thomas Dewey went after, on an income tax evasion charge. Tried in extreme nothern New York, Schultz beat the rap.

But now he was persona non grata in New York City, where in addition to his other rackets, Schultz had taken over and expanded the numbers racket in Harlem and elsewhere. Schultz moved his headquaters to New Jersey.

With Dewey still on his case, Schultz asked the Commission to have Dewey killed. While a feasibilty statement by Murder, Inc. indicated it could be done, the commission, led by Luciano and Lepke, voted 'No'. Schultz then swore he'd do it himself. He'd signed his own death warrant. In 1935, Charlie "The Bug" Workman, a Murder, Inc. hit man, and 'Mendy' Weiss, Lepke's top torpedo walked into the  Palace Chiop House. and by the time they walked out, Schultz's numbers name, "Abba Dabba" Berman, Schultz's body guard, and another associate were dead, and Schultz, caught by Workman in the Men's Room was mortally wounded.He died several days later.


A New York State Supreme Court Justice, Judge Joseph Crater spent a busy August 6, in  1930. He went to his chambers, destroyed various documents, moved other papers to his apartment [his family was on vacation in Maine, where the Judge was due to return], arranged a withdrawal from his bank to the tune of Five Large, and went to dinner with a lawyer and a show girl. Crater left them to go see a Broadway show, walking down the street. No one ever saw him again. He was legally declared dead in 1939, at the request of his wife.


You can get more with a smile, a handshake and a gun than you can with a smile and a handshake - Al Capone
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