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February 17, 2018, 08:28:51 pm *
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Author Topic: JOSEF MENGELE DIES - 1979  (Read 29 times)
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Born in 1911, Josef Mengele was from a family that manufactured and sold farming equipment. He garnered both a degree in sociology philosophy, and a medical degree. He initially worked in medical research at a Nazi medical 'think tank' in Berlin.

During the '30s, Mengele joined the SS. When war broke out, he joined the Waffen SS as a doctor. in 1941, Mengele served with a field hospital unit attached to the SS Panzer Division "Wiking" ['Viking'], where he served with distinction, and suffered combat wounds that resulte4d in him being transferred back to Germany [Mengele was awarded not only the Wounds Badge in black, but the Iron Cross, First Class for his service on the Eastern Front. The awards stood him in good stead with his next commanding officer, Rudolf Hoess].

Mengele, upon his return to Berlin, requested assignment  to the Auschwitz  Concentration Camp complex in Silesia, in order to conduct 'medical research'. The request was granted.

Mengele swiftly earned the sobriquet of "Angel of Death" at Auschwitz. SS regulations required that prisoner selections at the railroad platform be conducted by SS doctors, not non- medical SS officers. Several of the camp doctors sought to avoid this duty altogether [one succeeded]. But Mengele not only took his turn per the duty roster, he would volunteer for the duty. Prisoners remembered him standing on the platform, whistling, and gesturing for prisoners to move either to the left or right, to death or forced labor.

Mengele also conducted a series of 'medical experiments' that were barbaric in the extreme, with twins and gypsies his particular interest.

In January, 1945, Mengele fled Auschwitz, and shortly thereafter, Europe, using the so-called "Rat Line". He settled in Argentina, like so many other Nazi War Criminals, but fled to Paraguay when the Israelis seized Adolf Eichmann. He then, eventually, moved on to Brazil, where, on February  7, 1979,while swimming, he suffered a fatal stroke. Throughout his life in south America, Mengelle had regular correspondence with his family, and company employees, who furnished him with funds.

Rumors of his death spread, usually vociferously denied by various "Nazi Hunters". It was not until a forensic investigation of his disinterred remains in 1985 that it was proven that the 'Angel of Death' had met his namesake.

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