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December 11, 2023, 01:27:33 AM *
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Author Topic: Trump SOTU Speech, and the Democommies Self Inflicted Demise  (Read 1539 times)
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« on: January 31, 2018, 02:32:36 AM »

I recorded the speech this evening, but have NOT watched it yet.  When I sat down, I heard all the analysis about the speech, and there is no doubt in my mind the Dems have gone all in on being dead from the neck up.

When the Dems sat there throughout the speech, and did not applaud those moments that did not reflect a difference of position or policy, what were they thinking?

Donald Trump is the avalanche that starts out small and gets quickly up to speed and is unstopable.  The Democommies are totally clueless.  All the Republicans have to do this year is pass one more piece of significant legislation, and in November, they may well be rewarded with a massive erosion of seats away from the Dems.  They just can't help their stupidity.


While I completely oppose DACA, President Trump has outsmarted the Dems to the extent he has offered more than Obama has offered them, and they will sit there and continue their resist lunacy.  Never in all my life have I considered abdicative management as an effective approach to management.  The American taxpayers/voters are awakening to exactly how bankrupt the Democommies are.  Trump has proven he is willing to compromise, but the Dems are just too stupid to agree to anything he is proposing.

And the Dems spokesperson for their counter view, Joseph Kennedy III.  Are they for real?  After tolerating three generations of Kennedys, we are now expected to consider a 4th generation of the self serving Kennedys?  God forbid.  I did hear his dark rebuttal, and I was NOT impressed with his mannerisms or his content.  Still just one more empty Dem with nothing to offer.  Uggh.

To use an old adage, IT'S THE MONEY STUPID.  When brain dead Dems criticize $1,000 back in the pockets of taxpayers as being a crumb, as did moron Pelosi, that is 1,000 times more than the Dems ever gave back to the taxpayer.  I am still waiting for my $2,500 in savings from the reduced cost of healthcare per year that Pinocchio Obama promised.  How about you?
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