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March 24, 2019, 12:42:42 am *
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Author Topic: Don?t Be Fooled: The Left Doesn?t Care About Morals; It Cares About Power  (Read 435 times)
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« on: December 03, 2017, 12:11:33 pm »


But don?t be fooled. This couldn?t be further from the truth.

Whether it's stripping Matt Lauer of his former glory or firing up the torches in the Roy Moore election, the goal of the Left is not purity, but power. This fact does not negate the reality of transgressions or the possibilities of criminality in individual cases, but anyone who values both goodness and freedom in this country needs to be wise as serpents. We?re not seeing a revival of virtue in America. We?re seeing a resistance to it.

For true national repentance, there needs to be recognition of objective standards that allow for any of these judgments to be made in the first place. There?s not. We?re not seeing careful consideration of how we got to this point ? the abandonment of God as the source of all moral authority or, at the very least, a common recognition of natural law and traditional social norms.

Instead, we are seeing navel-gazing about how to rethink sex, what to do about the brutality of masculinity, and how to delegitimize conservatives who have been accused of abandoning character for political expediency.

Leftists aren?t embracing morality; they?re looking for a way to reclaim the moral authority they lost after past decades of materialism, creeping totalitarianism, and moral bankruptcy. Like fools drunk from their own power, they slipped out of their self-appointed divine seat as arbiters of morals and truth, and they?re now reclaiming it by whatever means necessary. They?re not humbling themselves before the true Moral Authority. They?re replacing it with their own.

We live in a secularized society riddled with subjectivism, and in that world, moral authority has nothing to do with common virtue and everything to do with legitimacy and worldly authority. The individual or the group with the most power defines what is moral and acceptable for their own purposes, and they delegitimize anyone who opposes them through vicious labeling.

Even Roy Moore Is Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Those labels are many and varied, including ?enemies of the people,? ?sexists,? ?racists,? ?bigots,? or a popular one with the Moore election, ?pedophiles? ? referring not to Moore, but to anyone who dares to vote for him no matter how thoughtful the reason. They use whatever is the most effective label to wrest authority from the opposition and transfer it to those lusting for power.
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