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February 21, 2019, 07:29:38 pm *
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Author Topic: It's Time to Prosecute the Clinton Political Crime Syndicate  (Read 379 times)
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« on: December 02, 2017, 09:42:34 pm »

Great article.  I have been saying this for years.  As long as we have an elite class in America that is above the law, America ceases to exist.  I will further venture that if the Trump DOJ does NOT indict HR Clinton, he is guaranteed a one term presidency.  That's right, people will not turn out to vote for the Republican'ts.  [not a typo, but literally, the Republicans can't get anything done so far]

While they passed FINALLY something of consequence in the Senate(tax reform legislation), it still must go through the process where both houses end up with the same legislation, and I am not certain that will happen.  John McCain and 3-4 others must have gotten out of the other side of bed yesterday and decided to actually think and operate like a Republican, something many of them have forgotten how to do.

As long as the Clintons operate their Crime Family faux foundation, and Obama has created the same thing, then America stands to falter as a nation.  Corruption is so rampant, that this signal that all these elite are above the law will more than accelerate the total decline of this nation.  We are already rushing to the abyss with the idiot policies of sanctuary cities, illegal invading aliens free to roam our lands, kill, rape and pillage whoever they want with no consequence, voter fraud in Democrat controlled states, foreign influence, i.e. the $145 million bribe the Clintons took for the sale of Uranium One, and on and on.

Frankly, we executed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for doing far less than the Clintons.  Neither one should be free to utter their garbage.  They are the single greatest stain on this nation.  HR Clinton should replace Benedict Arnold as the face of treason for the next couple centuries.

Anyone that votes for a Democommie has sh*t for brains!  Literally!

Few would deny that the ascendance of the United States from colonial poverty to the world?s top economic and military superpower in just 200 years is largely attributable to principles and rule of law in our founding documents enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.  And so it should come as no surprise that America's decline in the last 25 years has coincided with the erosion of the U.S. Constitution and the corruption of the nation's law enforcement and judicial system.

What has most greased the skids of America's decline toward the ways of a banana republic is the emergence and acceptance of two-tiered justice and attendant cronyism and political corruption.  And nowhere is this more obvious than in the pass given to the Clintons, and particularly former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
When the Clintons left the White House in 2001, taking with them over $190,000 worth of heirloom china, flatware, rugs, and furniture as they cleared out?much of which they later had to return?they claimed they were flat broke. Today their net worth exceeds $150 million, accumulated not by traditional means of work and investment, but rather by pay-for-play influence peddling through speeches and Clinton Foundation fundraising ? with the tacit understanding that the Clintons would be in a position to return favors to donors after Hillary won the 2016 presidential election.

Please read the full article by clicking on the URL below.

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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2017, 11:09:33 am »

Banana Republic is what we are right now and will be worse if they get to skate as they have been able to for decades.  They won't take down the clintons....most of them are with them as far as treason and murder go. Most are deep state.

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