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July 17, 2018, 03:58:49 am *
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Author Topic: Russia Russia Russia  (Read 399 times)
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« on: July 14, 2017, 08:28:24 pm »

All my life, Russia has represented the fire breathing dragon that would destroy the USA given the opportunity.  We have spent trillions of dollars to defend against this dragon, and we still are told by politicians that the threat of Russia is real, and that we can expect them to attack us as an enemy.

Well folks, the greatest lie perpetrated against America is that Russia is a fire breathing dragon.  Pure poppycock!  The military industrial complex needs that Lex Luther antagonist to continue the endless gravy train of huge dollars being directed to defense spending.

The UGLY TRUTH is something completely different than what we are told.  First, let me say that the Tier I potential threats/enemies to the USA are China and Russia.  Tier II are players like North Korea, Iran, ISIS, etc.  But in regard to Russia, here are the facts.  Their military has been left to largely rot for two decades.  Most of their ships are rusting away at anchor and not fit for sea duty.  Their aircraft are far more durable and capable of enduring harsh conditions versus our aircraft, but the fact is our aircraft can shoot their jets down long before the Russians would be able to see we are even in theater.  It is no contest!

Yes, Russia is a thermo nuclear entity, fully capable of targeting our entire population, but in conventional terms, it is no contest.  

The Russian military rank and file often go as much as six months without pay, are forced to scour the countryside dachas just to be able to feed themselves and stave off starvation.  That is what is real.  I have been to Russia three times, and on its best day, it is a third world nation.

And last but not least, their leader, while beloved by the general population, he is in fact a self serving despot, and with enough hardship, the people of Russia will jettison his self serving hide soon enough.  The oligarchs of Russia are what make it a weak nation.  The wealth is concentrated in the hands of but a few, and the people are clueless to the truth of what is going on in their country.  The media is completely controlled.  

While interviewing a group of Russian journalists touring the USA, the question was put to them if they had freedom to report the truth regarding their politicians, and 3 or 4 of them shook their heads in the negative ever so slightly.  Not one of them uttered a syllable in response.  That was around 2005 or so when Putin was at the realm.

And in regard to Donald Jr taking the meeting with someone offering information damaging in regard to their opponent, who wouldn't take that meeting?  Even with Russians or Chinese?  Every politician would take that meeting.

And anyone that believes Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and a dozen other countries are not attempting to break into just about every system in America is living in LALA Land.  And we are doing the same.  

It is not Trump or anyone in his campaign's fault that the Dems servers were breached, or that Hillary Clinton's server was breached and people are dead because of it, etc.  In fact, I believe perhaps the greatest cover-up of the century is the damage done by Clinton and Obama with the total failure to secure the greatest of national secrets of this nation.  Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, Anderson, cannot remotely touch the level of treason conducted by Hillary Clinton.

Russia is a threat to Europe.  NATO will keep them at bay.  And I have zero interest in the Ukraine.  The Ukraine, when given the opportunity to join NATO, indicated they had no more desire to be part of NATO than they did to be part of the former USSR or the current Federation of Russia.  So let them live or die with their utter stupidity.  Protecting Ukraine is not worth the loss of one American life.  

Other former USSR satellites are now members of NATO, and Russia would not dare attack any of these nations.  They are protected by NATO and deserve whatever level of protection necessary to keep them secure.  But the USA has zero interest in Ukraine.  As far as I am concerned, if Russia seizes the entire country, they got what they deserve.    It is neither the USA nor NATO's responsibility to provide protection to Ukraine.

The single greatest threat to the world is China.  I envision the day that China seizes much of Russia's Siberia, and it will be done without a shot being fired.  The right greedy leader in Russia will turn it over for 30 pieces of gold.

The enemy right now in the USA is the biased media in the USA.  Their maniacal mindset to destroy Trump is tantamount to treason.  Their repeated lies should be answered with criminal charges and penalties that would destroy the companies perpetrating the lies.  America would not lose one thing if the NYT, Washington Post, CNN were destroyed permanently as a result of their endless lies regarding the present administration.  The nonsense must end.

Russia is a potential threat, but they could also be an ally with the right leadership in the USA.  If we can ally our nation to Joseph Stalin, we can work with Putin.  We have a common enemy once again, which is Suni jihadists.

Another enemy is the Democommies (better known as the Democrat Party).  They foster and support the violent anarchy taking place in our country, and it must end.  They are abdicating their role in Congress, hindering free speech, endorsing a healthcare system that has people dying, etc, etc.

If the Democrats and Republicans in Congress end their gridlock obfuscation, America can accomplish many great things in the next 3 years.  My mindset is that I will never vote for a Democrat again, and this from a former Democrat.  Believe me, with the likes of Pelosi, Watters, Ellison, etc, the Democrat Party is on life support.  And with the constant meddling of Obama the Albatross, it will not take much for the Republicans to bury more Dems in defeat come 2018.

The media and the Democommies can continue their focus on Russia, and both will suffer for it.  Americans are not the brightest people any longer, but eventually the truth wins out.  I know this, Putin wakes up every day laughing his *ss off at the stupidity of America.  I know if I were him, I would be rolling on the floor.
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« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2017, 10:06:53 am »

Great post!
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