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July 17, 2018, 03:56:02 am *
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Author Topic: Republican Handel with Decisive Victory; Dems Continue Spiral to Obscurity  (Read 375 times)
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« on: June 20, 2017, 11:43:27 pm »

Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff by 6%, a decisive victory in a contest that was considered even going into the election by the pollsters.   And the other special election also brought a Republican victory.

The Dems looking to spend an inordinate record breaking amount of money thought they could win this election.   They were gravely wrong, and continue down a self destructive path that is beyond comprehension.  We are seven months past the tumultuous General Election where the Dems experienced a blood bath, and they remain in total denial.  I almost wish they retain this mindset, for it will guarantee an overwhelming victory in 2018.

The leadership of the Democrat Party is completely out to lunch.  First, continuing with the same old bags and faces is killing them.  Nancy Pelosi is the agent orange of the party.  Senator Schumer should be in a padded room, he is so kooky.

I suggest the Dems rename their party the Delusional Party.  Reality is of no consequence, they do not relate to the common man, and America has had enough of the fruitloop agenda better known as the progressive agenda.  More people are in poverty with the Obama era than ever!  And once there, most people remain there.  The progressive agenda is a total failure.  The Democrats need to move away from what I consider a communist agenda.  Yes, COMMUNIST AGENDA!!!  Go on the Internet and find the 45 Objectives of the Communist Party of America in 1963 and see if it does not mirror the present day platform of the Democrat Party, which I have called the Democommie Party for years.  Literally!

And when Karen Handel came out with her acceptance speech, the definitive moment in that speech was when she FINALLY thanked our current president, Donald Trump.  The crowd erupted into a very loud cheer.  Republicans intending to get elected in the future best let that fact register.

Republicans better come alive and begin passing meaningful legislation that supports the Trump agenda, or they will begin losing elections.  Time is of the essence.  They cannot skate through the next election with their normal minimalism of accomplishment!

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« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2017, 04:44:00 am »

Good post jafo. Yet do not hold your breath for the GOPe to pass meaningful legislation.
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