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Author Topic: Clinton Can?t Explain to Small Business Owner Why Obamacare Raised Her Healthcar  (Read 1546 times)
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« on: May 10, 2016, 02:32:51 pm »

Clinton Can?t Explain to Small Business Owner Why Obamacare Raised Her Healthcare by $500 a Month


?I have seen our health insurance for my own family go up $500 a month in the last two years, so we went from 400 something to 900 something,? the woman explained to Clinton. ?We?re just fighting to keep benefits for ourselves. The thought of being able to provide benefits to your employees is almost secondary. Yet to keep your employees happy, that?s a question that comes across my desk all the time.?

The small business owner described how she is forced to keep most of her employees as independent contractors and sees many workers leave as a result for other opportunities where there are benefits.

?If I can?t provide benefits let alone for myself, I can?t provide them for my family,? she continued, adding that the reason her health insurance has gone up so much is that she does not qualify for a subsidy under Obamacare because she ?unfortunately make[s just over too much money within that gap.?

?So, I guess my question to you is not only are you looking out for people that can?t afford health care. I?m someone that can afford it, but it?s taking a big chunk out of the money I bring home for myself.?

?What you?re saying is one of the real worries that we?re facing with the cost of health insurance because the costs are going up in a lot of markets?not all but many markets,? Clinton responded. ?Right now, like with so many of these programs, there?s just a cut off instead of what I would like to see a kind of gradual diminishment.?

Clinton argued that there should not be a single income figure that determines whether someone qualifies for a subsidy or not, adding that the government needs to look at issues with out of pocket costs such as premiums and deductibles.

?But I mean that?s my point,? Clinton said. ?It?s like what could have possibly raised your costs [$500], and that?s what I don?t understand. We?ve got to pick that apart to really make sure we understand it.

Oh this is a gem......she said....
I?m someone that can afford it, but it?s taking a big chunk out of the money I bring home for myself.?

She doesn't ever have to pay for her healthcare does she? She gets the Cadillac plan because she was a senator and SoS right? We pay for her healthcare via our taxes as part of her benefits for being in government. We pay for all of them while they are exempt from deathcare right?
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« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2016, 02:48:53 pm »


And if I am not mistaken, I suspect we are paying her two salaries for life, one for being senator, the other for being SoS.  And if elected president, I suppose the lying POS will get a third pension.
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« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2016, 04:19:49 pm »

Her Thighness can't even explain how to drive a car. Hasn't, by her own admission, since the '70s. Driving, like Obamacare is for the little people. :Smiley

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