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March 20, 2018, 07:39:12 am *
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 on: March 07, 2018, 10:33:24 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
In early 1941, the one bright spot in Great Britain's war against the Axis was in North Africa. After an Italian invasion of Egypt, the British had counter-attacked in late 1940, and driven the Italians out of Egypt, and out of eastern Libya, finally halting at the bottleneck of El Agheila, having secured both Tobruk and Benghazi to their rear. Somewhat worn by the tempo of desert war, the British halted to rest, refit, and replace. The Italians were in almost total disorder.

Nor was North Africa the least of Mussolini's problems. Piqued at Hitler's failure to tell him when the Germans were attacking in the West, Mussolini decided to surprise his ally, by launching an invasion of Greece from Italian held Albania, without prior consultation. The result was that the Italian army was stopped cold, and a Greek counterattack drove half way into Albania.

Adolf Hitler's plans for the Balkans [and Greece] were based on diplomacy, with the primary goal being a neutralized area, which protected the Ploesti oil fields, German'y principal source of petroleum. Those plans were shot to hell by Mussolini's actions [and a pro- British coup in Yugoslavia]. But since Hitler was massing troops in the East for BARBAROSSA, he had the means available to rectify the situation, and forestall any British attempt to get a toe hold in the Balkans, and bombers in a position to bomb Ploesti. Operation 'Punishment' [an assault on both Yugoslavia and Greece] was born.

In the real world, the British were in no position to successfully intervene in Greece. the Germans would be able to throw superior numbers of better armed troops [including armored formations] against anything the British could muster, all under superior numbers of German aircraft.

Despite this, and against the  of ALL his military advisers, Churchill insisted that the effort to aid the Greeks be undertaken. Strapped for time, the only British troops deployable to Greece on short notice were those in North Africa. And many of the troops in north Africa were those that were sent, leaving the units facing El Agheila understrength, and with worn out equipment.

And on March 7, 1941, the first British troops arrived in Greece.Within 12 weeks, they were driven out of mainland Greece, and the island of Crete, after onslaughts of aircraft, airborne, panzer and infantry formations. The Balkans [and Greece] were now Axis conquests.

But that wasn't the limit of the damage [nor Churchill's folly]. Back in North Africa, within some 3 weeks of the British troop withdrawal, a German force, sent to help the Italians defend the remainder of Libya, erupted out of El Agheila in an offensive that cleared Libya [except for Tobruk] of Commonwealth forces in less than a month. That German formation, allied with Italian motorized formations,  was the DUETSCHES AFRIKA KORPS, commanded by MG Erwin Rommel. And a British war that might have ended in early 1941, continued.

In late 1941, the Germans and Italians were again driven back to El Agheila. And AGAIN, Winston Churchill stripped the front of veteran troops, to send to Singapore. where they surrendered to the Japanese. And once again, sensing weakness, Rommel counterattacked, and again drove the British out of Libya. but this time he took Tobruk, and drove into Egypt itself. It wasn't until 1943 that Libya finally fell to the British, two years after it might have, but for Churchill's interference.

 on: March 07, 2018, 10:01:57 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
He did it against the advice of his military advisers. It was an obvious violation of the Versailles Treaty. It was wildly popular with the German public. The Allies [Great Britain and France] did nothing. And the clock to war began ticking on this date in 1936, when the German Army [and SS] crossed a number of Rhine bridges, and re-occupied the Rhineland, acting on orders from Adolf Hitler.

The Rhineland had been demilitarized as part of the Versailles Treaty that ended world War I. While not annexed by any of the Allies [read: France, although the French wanted to], the Rhineland was, for a time, occupied by allied troops [including, initially, American troops] for easy access to Germany proper, to enforce other provisions of the Treaty [read: reparations]. And the Rhineland was to be unoccupied by the German Army, pursuant to the Treaty, after the Allies left.

By 1935, the Treaty itself was being shredded, mostly in secret [re-armament], and more and more in public. The German Army had, since Weimar, evaded provisions of the Treaty banning the Heere from tanks, etc., by a secret agreement with the Soviet Union, where German bases in Russia trained tank crews, and developed some armored prototypes [the Germans also used the front of building heavy agricultural 'tractors' at home]. The Germans also worked on aircraft in the Soviet Union, and on submarines [also banned] in Sweden].

Many of these subtrefuges were known to the Allies [particularly the British], but ignored because by the late '20s - early '30s, many in the allied camp thought the Treaty was unfair to the Germans.

For the Germans themselves, the Treaty was anathema. And Adolf Hitler announced publicly, and often that he would not honor that 'scrap of paper', and he proved a man of his word - publicly. In 1935 Hitler did three things that directly violated the provisions of the versailles Treaty. First, he re-introduced conscription, expanding the German Army beyond the 100,000 man limit provided by the Treaty. Second, he presented to the world, the Luftwaffe, a fully existent air force, also in violation of Versailles. third, and most cleverly, he negotiated a Naval Treaty with the British that made them complicit in his violation of the Naval provisions of the Treaty.

But Hitler wasn't done. A demilitarized Rhineland was a dagger pointed at Germany, allowing western enemies easy access to the German heartland beyond the Rhine. And for Hitler, that was intolerable. So he ordered the German Army to seize the Rhineland.

It was not an order that was popular with the leadership of the German Army, inasmuch as it caught them in the initial stages of expansion, with an army considerably smaller and weaker than its western opponents. But Hitler was banking on British indifference, if not implicit acquiesence, acting as  a brake on the French. The problem was his generals didn't agree with his analysis.

It was a critical moment in the history of the 20th century. The Generals sent the troops [in battalion strengths] into the Rhineland with two sets of orders: one to occupy the Rhineland, and the second to retreat at any show of force by the French or British. Moreover, there began discussions among some of them, sotto voce, about overthrowing the Hitler government.

And then, Hitler was proven right. The French did nothing. The British said nothing. And the German generals began to wonder if this Hitler fellow knew what he was doing. What THEY did was cease their plotting,fall in line, and prepare and hone the instrument that Hilter would unleash on the world in three years. the Wehrmacht.

 on: March 07, 2018, 06:21:13 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18

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Nation Surprised To Learn Oscars Happened Last Night


 on: March 06, 2018, 10:49:25 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by jafo2010
I say what Bill and Hillary Clinton did was just as bad as what the Rosenbergs did, and they deserve the same punishment.  Where in hell is the DOJ to continue to allow these two to escape justice, and continue to roam our great country spreading their poison?  Where?

I consider the Clinton to be two of the greatest criminals of all time in America.  How many are dead because of these two self serving criminals?

I think we need to put more teeth into the crime of treason, and bring more people to the most servere punishment, and do it quickly after conviction, like the next day.  Perhaps then, we would see less treason in America.  I am certain there is a ton of it that goes undetected.  And in particular, I am certain China is getting just about every secret we have.  No mystery here.

 on: March 06, 2018, 09:34:18 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
His NKVD code names were 'ANTENNA', 'ENGINEER' and 'LIBERAL'. A lifelong, dedicated,  Communist, he had been engaged in industrial espionage for the Soviets since the 1930s. He ran a highly effective spy ring, and turned over mounds of useful intelligence to the NKVD, including plans for a radio transmitter the U.S. Army was developing at Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey, where he worked at the time. His name was Julius Rosenberg. He had met his wife, Ethel , who was also a member of the American communist movement when both were still in school. And both of them were lynch pins in one of the Soviets' spy networks that penetrated the Manhattan Project, and betrayed American atomic secrets to the Soviets.

Ethel Rosenberg's brother was David Greenglass. Drafted into the Army, Greenglass was a machinist assigned to Los Alamos, the top secret site where the atomic bomb was being designed and fabricated in the second half of World War II. And the Soviets were anxious to gain that technology. so anxious that Lavrenti Beria, chief of the dreaded NKVD was put in charge of the effort. And with turncoats in both Great Britain, and the United States, he had a great deal of help.

The British atomic research project was called "Tube Alloys". The office secretary was a lovely woman, and a Soviet agent, who wasn't unmasked until well after the war. One of its scientists was a German refugee named Klaus Fuchs. Fuchs, a diehard German scientist was sent by the British to work on the Manhattan Project in the United States, as part of the joint development effort. The undersecretary at Britain's U.S. Embassy, and the British liaison with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission was one Donald Maclean. Maclean was one of the Cambridge Five,  disaffected members of the ruling class, who became Soviet agents in the early 1930s. The British Intelligence liaison with the FBI, and the CIA was one Harold 'Kim' Philby. Philby was being groomed to take over MI6, Britsh Intelligence. He had been an NKVD agent since at least 1934. Then there were two 'homegrown' members of the apparat, Morris and Ilona Cohen.

In addition to the professionals, there were the volunteers, the most important being physics wunderkind Ted Hall. Hall, a 19 year old prodigy with severe left leaning political beliefs used his fellow lefty, and friend, Saville Sax, to reach out to the Soviets, and arrange for Hall to pass detailed plans for atomic fission, as well as the bomb itself.

But Rosenberg was not part of this effort, and wanting in, he, and Ethel pressured their sister-in-law to persuade David Greenglass to supply information on the components of the bomb Greenglass was helping to fabricate at Los Alamos, using one Hary gold as a courier.

The Soviet penetration of the Manhattan Project was one of the biggest successes of soviet intelligence in the war [Successes that included having either NKVD or GRU agents planted at the Treasury (Harry Dexter White, the Silvermaster Group), the State Department (Alger Hiss and his brother), the FBI (Judith Coplon), the OSS (Duncan Lee), and the White House (Lauchlin Curry, and quite possibly, Henry Wallace).

But all good things come to an end, and the wheels began to fall off the wagon with two events.

The first was the defection of two people, a Soviet file clerk in Canada, and Elizabeth Bentley in Washington, D.C. Bentley had been the courier/assistant/lover of Jacob Golos, who supervised several espionage rings, including Silvermaster's and others. When Golos died, Bentley fell apart, turned herself in to the FBI, and sang like a canary, albeit with a good deal of disbelief when she testified before Congress.

The second event was the cracking of Soviet intelligence codes by the code breakers at Arlington Hall. The Soviets used what was known as a one sheet dycryption pad to transmit information by radio. The same sheet was used to encrypt and decrypt messages sent over the radio, with the same sheet being used by ALL Soviet agents for ONE DAY ONLY. Without the key to the code, it was virtually impenetrable.

But WW II, and its exingencies left the Soviet apparatus in the United States without up to date encryption pads. So, the Soviets began to recycle old ones, with codes already being cracked by the cryptographers at Arlington Hall. The results were startling. The Venona transcripts, as they became known offered a wealth of operational information to be used in counter-intelligence work. And they had a major effect on the Soviet A-bomb espionage effort. Using clues from the decrypted radio messages, the Americans [and MI5] were able to identify the Soviet agenty 'Homer', as Donald Maclean. He was recalled to London, where tipped off by Philby via Guy Burgess, another of the Cambridge five, Maclean escaped [with Burgess] to the Soviet Union [blowing Philby's cover to the extent he was sent home, and 'retired' from MI6, and fleeing to the Soviet Union in the early '60s].

The code breakers and FBI were also able to identify Fuchs ['Rest'], Hall [Mlad], Greenglass, Gold,and eventually Julius Rosenberg, and most of his industrial spy rings.Aside from Hall [the U.S. was so concerned to keep Venona a secret that they opted not to prosecute him and Sax], most of Rosenberg's industrial spies and the Cohens, who all fled, all were prosecuted. The 'stars' were, of course Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

The Rosenbergs were tried, with co-defendant Martin Sobell, before Judge Irving Kaufman on charges of espionage in wartime [A treason prosecution was out because at the time of the spying, we were not at war with the USSR]. throughout the proceedings, the government offered to spare the Rosenberg's lives if they confessed, and cooperated. They refused. Three witnesses testified against them, David Greenglass, his wife, and the courier, Harry Gold.

When it was over, all three were convicted. Sobell got 30 years. the Rosenbergs, apparently willing to orphan their two sons, got the chair [They were offered commutation in return for cooperation up to the end]. Julius went first, Ethel followed.

A furor over the legitimacy of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg's convictions lasted for years, spearheaded by their two sons. But the declassification of the Venona transcripts, and a post Soviet Union thaw, allowing western, and Russian historians' access to the then NKVD, now KGB files, coupled with the memoirs of Pavel Sudaplev, who headed the penetration effort for the NKVD, proved once and for all that the Rosenbergs were indeed guilty of the crimes for which they had been convicted and executed.

 on: March 06, 2018, 06:18:55 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18











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CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication


 on: March 05, 2018, 08:40:42 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
He led the Soviet Union for almost three decades. He was responsible for more deaths than anyone but Mao Zedong. And he died in his dacha on this date in 1953.

Josip Vasserianovich Dzugashvili started life not in Russia, but in the province of Georgia. The son of a drunken cobbler, and a very religious mother, the man who would become known as Stalin, was intended by her to become a priest. But seditious readings, mostly on Marxism weaned Stalin away from the priesthood, and led to him being expelled from the seminary, and into revolutionary politics, and bank robbery.

Stalin joined Lenin's Bolsheviks, and became, via his bank robberies, a very important asset to the cash starved Lenin. And for reasons known only to Lenin, Stalin became the Party's 'expert' on the question of national minorities within Lenin's envisaged Soviet State.

When the Revolution was co-opted by the Bolsheviks, Stalin was doing a stint of exile in Siberia. With a withered arm [like Kaiser Wilhelm II], and supposedly with webbed toes on one foot, Stalin had been exempt from the military draft in world War I. Between bank robberies and political agitation in Baku and other areas of the Caucasus, Koba, as he was then known, married a fellow revolutionary and fasthered a son [Jacob, who died in German captivity, apparently a suicide, in World War II.

With Lenin's seizure of power, Stalin was appointed General Secretary of the Communist Party, in part because no one else wanted the job. It was a grave mistake on their part.

Stalin began, almost immediately, placing his own acolytes in positions of power throughout all levels of Soviet government, and beuracracy. Surviving a last ditch attempt by a dying Lenin to replace him, Stalin steadily eliminated his enemies and rivals through exile and murder [Trotsky], or show trials and murder [Kamanev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, Ryukov, etc., as well as his generals [Tuchachevsky, Blukyer, etc.], and his own secret police chiefs [Yagoda, Yezhov].

Stalin also found time, in his drive to industrialize the soviet union to cause the deaths, by either direct or indirect methods, of several million people [the Ukrainian famine, the Purges, and the gulag. But by 1929 he was the undisputed master of the Soviet State. And then came Adolf Hitler.

Stalin made an alliance with Hitler, via a "Non-Aggression Pact". It is sometimes forgotten that our 'doughy' Soviet Ally had invaded Poland with the Germans [17 SEP 1939], and carved it, and much of the rest of Eastern Europe, up in accord with the secret protocols of that Pact during 1939 -1940. In fact, Stalin overstepped his boundary with Hitler, with threats to Romania [Hitler's principal source of petroleum], and an invasion of Finland, where the Red Army's initial performance was substandard at best [and observed by the Germans].

Stalin's plan was apparently predicated on the belief that Germany and the Western Allies would be locked in combat for a protracted period of years. So it was with some dismay that Stalin saw the West fall in a period of less than three moths. He now faced Hitler alone.

In June, 1941, Stalin's scheming proved to be of no avail. On the 22nd of June, 3.5 million German and allied troops invaded the Soviet Union. In the war that followed, the Soviet Union lost some 7 million soldiers and some 27 million civilians to the German invaders. And yet, when the Allies won the war, Stalin sent Soviet POWs, and civilian slave laborers who had been forcibly impressed by the Germans to the Gulag. Others, who had voluntarily [often under deplorable conditions] served the Germans were returned home and killed.

After the war, many Soviet citizens hoped that the excesses of the pre-war period were a thing of the past. They weren't. Stalin went after artists, the Leningrad party apparatus, and Soviet Jews. At the time of his death, Stalin was preparing the "Doctors' Plot" show trials [which also had a strong anti-Semitic tone, largely because Stalin was an anti-Semite].

Stalin was in his Dacha, outside Moscow when he was felled by a stroke. Because everyone feared to disturb him, he was not found until the next day, laying on the floor in a pool of his own urine. When he finally expired, his 'heirs', including Malenkov, Khruschev, and Lavrenti Beria, were gathered at his bedside like vultures watching something die. They left almost immediately, to begin the fight for succession that would see Khruschev eventually triumph.

Stalin had brought the Soviet Union from an agricultural country to an industrialized super power. He had expanded the USSR's borders far beyond those of the old Russian empire. And he did it by greasing the rails of progress with blood. Unbelievable rivers of blood.

 on: March 05, 2018, 06:10:07 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18









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This Thread Brought To You By The Letter T:

(Thank you, cartoonist Rex May)
In Case You Missed It Dept.:
Focus on the Family called for a renewal of family time together and family spiritual practice together to help heal our tension-riddled culture. Yet remember, it could always be worse. If you think there is tension in your family, picture the Clintons sitting down to breakfast on Presidents Day.
Joe Biden got the jump on Hillary, Bernie Sanders and Jerry Brown Tuesday by admitting he that he may run for president. The four Democrats have a combined age of three hundred years. They can't attend memorial services at Arlington Cemetery without being stalked by guys with shovels.
The White House dismissed the New York Times poll rating Trump as the worst U.S. president as typical badgering by the mainstream media. It never ends. President Trump could walk across the Potomac River and the next day the headline in the New York Times would read Trump Can't Swim.
A Seattle author posted a photo protesting what he thought was a Confederate flag flying over a home. It was only a Norwegian flag flown by Olympic fans. If there are two things that anger West Coast liberals it's the Confederacy and anybody who won't sign the California secession petition.
Kathy Griffin asked to host the White House Correspondents Dinner if President Trump will attend. No one likes the idea. Republicans are furious at Kathy for posting a photo last year of her holding up a decapitated head of Trump, and Democrats are still furious at her because it wasn't real.
President Trump drew gasps from the White House press corps Monday saying he'd have run into the Florida school unarmed to subdue the shooter. Suppose he pulled it off? Fox News would have declared him a national hero and CNN would've cited Trump for groping a child in a high school.
President Trump took the bully pulpit at the White House Monday to criticize Broward County sheriffs for hiding behind their cars while the gunman was shooting up Parkland's high school in Florida two weeks ago. A Broward County cop walks into a bar. At least HE gets in a couple of shots.
Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman got my vote for Best Actor after enjoying his portrayal of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour on Monday. The immortal Englishman saved our culture. If Hitler had won World War II most Americans would be speaking German today instead of Spanish.
The CIA's profile on North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un was made public and it reveals Kim's personal vices. The dossier says Kim likes to snort cocaine, take Viagra, date teenage girls and he loves NBA basketball. You'd think he's use his nuclear arsenal to defend Los Angeles, not attack it.
Barbara Streisand blasted President Trump Tuesday, claiming he's responsible for the Parkland school shootings and that he creates a violent atmosphere. She lives strictly by the code of the Hollywood liberal. It is my mission in life to protect you from everything and everybody except me.
The Republican National Committee revealed in a tax filing that a former bodyguard of Trump is on the party payroll making fifteen thousand dollars a month. He's been a personal bodyguard, a New York cop and Navy SEAL. He's trying to accumulate enough credits to become a schoolteacher.
President Trump got the green light from a federal judge Monday to waive environmental law obstacles to building his Mexican border wall. He now has a clear path. Environmentalists were fighting construction of the wall, claiming it would halt the migration pattern of the Future Democrat.
Jeff Sessions said the Justice Department will probe how opposition research came to be used to obtain a FISA warrant from a federal judge to bug Trump's post election. It was a fishing expedition looking for collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. U.S. troops and Russian troops are firing on each other in Syria right now, but the Democrats remain unconvinced.
Oscar night in Hollywood Sunday will showcase women and the Me Too movement sweeping the movie industry. Some of the sex misconduct claims have re-energized flagging careers. Harvey Weinstein is going to star in a brand-new reality series that's called Keeping Up with the Accusations.
The Weather Channel reported a strong winter storm dumping snow on the mountains which surround Los Angeles down to the two-thousand-foot level Tuesday. It looked just spectacular. No one's seen this many snowflakes in Los Angeles since UCLA hosted the White Privilege Conference.
President Trump met with GOP and Democratic lawmakers in the Cabinet Room to hammer out a school protection bill together Wednesday. The devil is in the details. Trump wants to arm the schoolteachers with hand guns, which probably means they'll have to use a silencer in the library.
The Supreme Court ordered Trump to comply with a lower court stay on his power to deport DACA illegals until the case reaches the top. Obama admitted them illegally and now it's illegal for Trump to deport them. It finally rained in L.A. Tuesday after God got permission from a federal judge.
-- Argus Hamilton
A little Republican boy and a little Democrat boy were fighting over how to share a new sled.
The little democrat boy suggested a compromise.
"I'll take the sled downhill", he said, "and you take the sled uphill".
Little Mitch McConnell said "Fine, I'm glad to see you're willing to work together".

 on: March 04, 2018, 11:09:12 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr

Two of my personal least favorite Presidents are inaugurated on this day.

1861: Abraham Lincoln is sworn in as  the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln, the first Republican President, wins in a three way race, with the Democrat vote split between former VP Jon C. Breckenridge, who represents the more hardline, southern slaveholders, and Stephen Douglass, who is the official Democrat nominee.

Lincoln extends an olive branch to the Southerners, promising to take no action against slavery where it exists, but clearly stating he will not accept disunion. When Southern states secede, war follows.

Lincoln, in two terms in office, will crush the South. He will also suspend Habeas Corpus, exile political opponents, and make a mockery of the 10th Amendment. It is Lincoln who will turn the states of a republic into satrapies of the Federal government.

1933: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". IMHO, we had a lot more to fear, like the man speaking those words, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Inaugurated on this date, FDR began a mammoth growth of Federal power unseen before, and the birth of the nanny state. An authoritarian to his fingertips, Roosevelt will spin a series of Federal agencies and programs that will prolong, not end the Great Depression [world War II will do that]. And when the USSC throws a wrench in the works by finding several of FDR's pet programs unconstitutional, FDR will seek to enlarge, or 'pack' the court to make it more FDR friendly [he'll fail on that  one]

FDR will bring to his foreign policy a hatred and loathing of the Germans that goes back, at least, to the First World War, if not earlier. It will inform much of a foreign policy that saw the U.S. recognize the Soviet Union [and get overrun with NKVD and GRU operatives in the Federal government up to and including the White House], and because FDR saw himself as an 'expert' on China, a foreign policy that embroiled itself in Asia, as an opponent to former ally, Japan, and led, eventually to Pearl Harbor.

A President that eventually worked against its strongest ally [Great Britain] while playing 'footsie' with the then worst butcher of the century, Josef Stalin [ "Uncle Joe"], Roosevelt eschewed the voluntary 2 term limit taken by every President since Washington, and was serving his fourth term when he was killed by a cerebral hemmorage.


The key to holding Boston was neither in Boston itself, nor the Charles neck, where the British had fought the Battle of Breed's [Bunker] Hill in 1775. Rather, he who held the Dorchester Heights, held Boston, because the Dorchester Heights, maned by artillery, commanded Boston Harbor. And if the British fleet couldn't anchor in Boston Harbor, the British Army couldn't stay in Boston itself.

The British were aware of this fact, yet did nothing during their occupation of , and besiegement in, Boston, to occupy the heights, probably in the belief that they were no threat, due to the Colonials' lack of heavy artillery. It was a fatal mistake.

The Colonials did, in fact, have heavy artillery. It just wasn't in Boston, nor nearby. It was at Fort Ticonderoga which had been captured by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen and his 'Green Mountain Boys' the previous autumn. The question was, for the Colonial commander, George Washington, how to  get the guns from there to Boston. The answer was Henry Knox.

Henry Knox was a Patriot, a bookstore owner [and a self taught soldier - from reading his books], and an artillerist. He conceived, and caried out, a mid-winter operation that saw Knox, and a contingent of troops travel to Ticonderoga, build sleds, pulled by oxen, and haul the guns back to the Continental camp surrounding Boston.

On the night of March, 4th, 2,000 troops, using straw to minimize the noise of the gun carriages and troop movements [a trick Washington will use again], climb the Dorchester heights, and dig a series of entrenchments, fortifications, and gun emplacements. When the British wake the next morning, they are horrified to see the guns overlooking Boston Harbor [Howe will declaqim that no British Army unit could have done the same, nor as rapidly]. As a result, the British Army, and numerous Loyalist citizens, evacuate, under truce, Boston shortly afterwards.


The United States Congress, meeting in New York city, operates for the first time, under the provisions of the U.S. Constitution. Neither the full number of Congressmen, nor Senators are present, due to the unfinished business of amending the document to include the Bill of Rights, and other amendments. Once that is accomplished, the last two states sign on, and the full congress begins its function. How far we've strayed...


Louis "Lepke" Buchalter, "Judge Louis" to the mob, one of the inventors of labor racketeering [the other was Tommy "Two Fingers Brown" Lucchese], and a major player in New York organized crime, is executed in the electric chair, at Sing Sing Prison.

Lepke [a corruption of a childhood nickname, 'Lepkula'] had started as a teenage extortionist of push cart operators on the Lowe East Side, while still a teenager. He partnered with Jacob "Gurrah" [from the way he said 'Get out of here'] Shapiro, and eventually the two joined "Little Auggie" Orgen's strike breaking operation. But Orgen would only work for the Unions, and Lepke saw more profit in working both sides of the street. So he and Shapiro killed Orgen, and took over his operation.

It was during this period that Lepke saw how by controlling a critically placed Union, like the Fur Cutters, or Truckers, he could extort, and even control whole industries, initially the fur industry, and via the truckers, the fashion industry.

Lepke had been part of Arnold Rothstein's "All Stars", a collection of the future grandees of organized crime that included Meyer Lansky, 'Legs' Diamond, Dutch Schultz, and a young Italian named Charlie [later 'Lucky'] Luciano.

So when Luciano organized organized crime beyond the Mafia's fiver families, Lepke was a natural member of the Board of Directors, second only to Luciano in influence. The arrangement worked well. Territories and areas of influence were drawn. Corrupted officials were shared. And a non-denominational' method of rule enforcement was created - Murder, Inc.

Lepke had a pivotal role in Murder, Inc.'s creation. It was he who recommended the Happy Maione and Abe Reles crews to handle all mob sanctioned murders. It was Lepke who passed the murder "contracts" from the 'Board', through Albert Anastasia, to Murder, Inc.

But as time went on, Lepke got sloppy. First, he began using Murder, Inc. for his own personal hits. Second, he began ordering executions in front of non-participants in that particular murder, which made for a prosecutable murder prosecution under New York law.

Lepke had gone underground when the Feds started looking for him on a narcotics charge. Parnoid, he began ordering wholesale batches of murders on anyone he thought was a threat. That included a candy store own named Joe Rosen. rosen had been a trucker, until Lepke forced him out of business. Lepke put rosen into the candy store, but Rosen would nerither forgive, nor shut up. so Lepke had him added to his list of victims. But there was one problem. Lepke had ordered his own man, 'Mendy' Weiss to kill Rosen. In front of Abe Reles

And now Lepke got caught in converging storms. Luciano, and the Commission, deemed Lepke's murder campaign 'bad for business'. So they put pressure on Lepke [who had spent his entire exile in Brooklyn] to cut a deal with the Feds. Lepke voluntariy surrendered to J.Edgar Hoover personally, with the introductions made by Walter Winchell. It was then that he found out no deal, especially covering New York prosecutions, had been made.

And then Abe Reles, suspecting he had moved up on the hit list, rolled. Aside from his Murder, Inc. compatriots, Reles was able to deliver up Lepke, for the Joe Rosen murder [along with Mendy Weiss and Louis Capone (no relative of Al's)]. Luciano only intervened in Reles' case when Reles prepared to testify against Albert Anastasia. At that point [indicative it could have been done at any point], Reles got thrown out of a seventh story window at the Half Moon hotel in Coney Island - where he was being held in protective custody].

Lepke, Weiss and Capone went to the chair at Sing Sing on March 4, 1944. Lepke's rackets were subsumed by the Five Families [another possible reason for allowing Lepke's death]. Lepke remains the only major gangster executed in the United States to this day.


On the same day that Lepke met his final judgement, the U.S. 8th Air force undertook its first raid on Berlin.

Although Berlin had been regularly bombed by the RAF, the U.S. Air Force had refrained from targeting Berlin for several reasons. First, the U.S. bombers were trained for precision bombing. That meant daylight. Second, there were no fighter escorts capable of reaching anywhere near Berlin's air space, let alone the city itself. That would expose the bombers to unchallenged enemy fighters going to, and coming from, Berlin. Third, the Berlin air defenses were formidable. There were day fighters. There were night fighters. And then were bands of anti-aircraft guns, including batteries of the redoubtable 88 mm cannon in its anti-aircraft role.

Still, by March, 1944, the RAF was reeling from exhaustion and heavy losses. So to spell the British, the 8th Air Force sent over 10 squadrons of heavy bombers to bomb Berlin. To say their debut was fiasco is over-complimentary. Only one [1] bomber dropped its load on Berlin. The rest offloaded elsewhere. But as March went on, the Mighty 8th kept returning with more, and more devastating results.

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