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March 20, 2018, 07:36:29 am *
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 on: March 13, 2018, 08:40:23 pm 
Started by apples - Last post by apples
Trump ousts Tillerson, will replace him as secretary of state with CIA chief Pompeo

President Trump said Tuesday he has ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and plans to nominate CIA Director Mike Pompeo to replace him as the nation?s top diplomat, orchestrating a major change to his national security team amid delicate outreach that includes possible talks with North Korea.

Trump and Tillerson have had a fraught relationship for many months. Trump told reporters Tuesday that he ultimately decided to fire the secretary because they disagreed over strategy in key areas of foreign policy, such as the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, the approach to North Korea and the overall tone of U.S. diplomacy.

Tillerson said he received a call from Trump around noon Tuesday, more than three hours after his firing was first reported by The Washington Post and announced minutes later in a tweet from the president.

His voice quivering, Tillerson thanked career diplomats for their ?honesty and integrity? and the American people for ?acts of kindness,? and he singled out Defense Secretary Jim Mattis for their partnership and mutual support of diplomacy. But he notably did not thank Trump or praise his policies.

Tillerson said he will remain in his post until March 31 but is delegating all authorities for running the State Department to Deputy Secretary


 on: March 13, 2018, 08:36:05 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by apples
Yes...massive purge.

 on: March 13, 2018, 12:43:23 pm 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by apples
I say what Bill and Hillary Clinton did was just as bad as what the Rosenbergs did, and they deserve the same punishment.  Where in hell is the DOJ to continue to allow these two to escape justice, and continue to roam our great country spreading their poison?  Where?

I consider the Clinton to be two of the greatest criminals of all time in America.  How many are dead because of these two self serving criminals?

I think we need to put more teeth into the crime of treason, and bring more people to the most servere punishment, and do it quickly after conviction, like the next day.  Perhaps then, we would see less treason in America.  I am certain there is a ton of it that goes undetected.  And in particular, I am certain China is getting just about every secret we have.  No mystery here.

Yes they are the biggest criminals of all time.

 on: March 13, 2018, 09:35:17 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
The French strategy was simple. air drop troops [mostly Foreign Legionnaires], into a remote valley, fortify it, build an air strip to resupply it, and let your elusive enemy come to you. What they forgot was the old saw, "Be careful what you wish for".

By 1954, the French had been engaged in assymetrical warfare with the Viet Mihn [the nationalist movement for independence in Vietnam, led by a suspicious number of communists] for almost a decade. And the French, while having success against mainline units in set battles, especially in the North, and especially when the Viet Minh moved prematurely, were not doing well in the overall scheme of things. The insurgents largely controlled the countryside. Their attacks were growing larger, and more sophisticated [they wiped out a French armored column on Bernard Fall's "Street Without Joy"]. And there seemed no end in sight.

So the new commander, Gen. Henry Navarre decided that if he couldn't get to the enemy, he'd bring the enemy to him. So in early 1954, he selected the valley of Dien Bien Phu, near the Laotian border to do just that.

Navarre reasoned that by using his air supremacy, and airborne troops, he could create a situation where the Viet Minh, when they reached him, would find an entrenched French force, reinforced and resupplied by air, in  a superior position, with superior firepower, and better troops [a large number of the Legionnaires were former Waffen SS, recruited from French POW camps]. The Viet Minh's problems would be exacerbated by being forced to attack far from their own supply depots, in an area with no roads.

But Viet Minh commander, Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, saw an opportunity, because if his forces were in the middle of nowhere, so would be the French. And if he could neutralize the French air power, and firepower, he'd have them in a sack.

And Navarre handed Giap one crucial advantage. The French position, in a valley, was largely surrounded by tall hills and mountains - and were unoccupied by the French. and however held the high ground, dominated the French fortifications [akin to dorchester Heights being the key to boston in 1775].

And if Navarre handed Giap one advantage, MaoTze Tung handed Giap another, large numbers of American 105mm cannons, seized from the Nationalists when they were driven out of china, as well as ammo, AAA guns, and other equipment.

Giap prepared his battlefield before there was any actual fighting. Using the large number of porters avaialable to him, giap carved roads through the jungle, and up the mountains. Human muscle power moved the aertillery up the mountains, and into positions overlooking the valley. AAA guns were emplaced where they could cover the airfield, and its approach routes. It was at that point, that Giap brought in some 40,000  Viet Minh troops to surround Bien Bien Phu. And THEN he attacked.

The battle lasted until May, and pretty much proceeded as Giap had foreseen. The French almost immediately lost the use of the airfield. Anything coming in would now be by air drop only [and more paratroopers were dropped in]. The 105s blasted the French non-stop. And the Viet Minh infantry began overrunning the French 'forts' and outposts, which had been sited without consideration of mutual support.

By early May, it was over. Some 15,000 French troops were killed or captured. The debacle so impacted French morale at home, that France , in a manner of speaking, quit fighting, and agreed to Vietnamese independence at Geneva the same year as the battle [ after President Eisenhower's refusal to commit U.S. air assets, forces, and  nuclear weapons to the struggle.

Dien Bien Phu is one of the pivotal battles of the 20th century. It ended French colonial rule in southeast Asia, and paved the way for eventual U.S. involvement in Vietnam, and an almost 20 year war. It eventually led to a united, Communist Vietnam, and 'wars of national liberation' in Africa, South America,the Middle East, and southwest Asia. We are still feeling its' affects today. 

 on: March 12, 2018, 09:52:18 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr

One of Lincoln's great problems in the civil War was getting and keeping various politicians 'onside' with his Administration and war aims. One of his solutions, and one of his worst, was to appoint them to high rank, in many cases General rank, in the Union Army. A few proved to be exceptionally able, like John Logan, and MG Meagher of the Irish Brigade. But most proved to be incompetent, like McClerland and Ben Butler. and then there was Nathaniel Banks.

Banks had taken Port Hudson, after Grant took Vicksburg. But his capture of the place was so bungled, it should have stood as a warning to Lincoln to send him on his way [Banks was a Massachusetts man, a state behind the war effort], especially since Banks had botched a previous command in the Shenandoah Valley. But he didn't. And then he doubled down by allowing Banks to command the army contingent in a combined arms offensive up the Red River which ran through western Louisiana and Texas. The naval contingent was commanded by Admiral David Porter, who had worked so well with Grant the year before.

Porter performed his part of the operation with skill and elan. Within a week, he had taken Alexandria, La. But Banks, with his army of 20,000 + men was moving far more slowly, arriving there two weeks after Porter. And as Banks moved toward Shreveport, he moved away from the river - and the protection and support of Porter's 20 ship flotilla's guns.

The result was catastrophic. Banks was attacked by a rebel army led by Richard Taylor, son of former President Zachary Taylor. Banks was routed, although when Taylor attacked again the next day, Banks' men held.

But it was all too much for Banks. Having surrendered the initiative to Taylor [and letting Taylor live in his head], Banks opted for retreat and full withdrawal.

That created a problem for Porter. with the Red River running low, it appeared his flotilla, soon to be at Taylor's mercy, was stuck, unable to move downstream because of the low waters. But an army engineer came to the rescue. By building a series of temporary dams, he allowed the water to rise behind the flotilla,which, when released, floated the flotilla to deeper water, and escape.

The entire campaign took a month, and accomplished nothing, except tie up Union resources more profitably employed elsewhere. The South held the Red river for the rest of the war. and Banks? He was relieved of command, but went on to participate in the south's Reconstruction.


By the early 20th century, the only professional major league in baseball, the National League, got competition, an upstart called the American League. And anxious to compete, that League offered teams inducements to join up.

One that did was the Baltimore Orioles [no relation to the current Orioles, who used to be the St. Louis Browns]. Moving to New York in 1903, the team was re-christened the New York Highlanders. And to say they were initially a failure is to be charitable. While some of their players were good, as a team they were not. And on top of that, they were competing in the same metropolitan area as the New York giants, and the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers [later shotened to Dodgers].

Still, the highlanders had their fans. But the fans obstinately refused to refer to their team as 'Highlanders'. They called them "Yankees". And Yankees they became, and remained. And then two things happened that changed their fortune forever. One of their owners, Col. Jacob Rupert bought out his partners. and in 1920, he bought George Herman "Babe" Ruth, a pitching, outfielding, HITTING phenom from the Boston Red Sox of Harry Frazee. And the Yannkees never looked back.

The New York Yankees are the most successful sports franchise in America. Ever. they hold more World championships than any other sports franchise. The Baseball Hall of Fame is filled with their players. and it all started on this date in 1903, after a trip up from Baltimore.


See "PzLdr History Facts", page 10

 on: March 11, 2018, 09:48:30 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
It eventually killed 20 million people, including well over half a million Americans. It is popularly known as 'The Spanish Flu', but it began, in fact, in the heartland of the United States, at Fort Riley Kansas.

The first victims showing signs of the disease that would sweep the world were U.S. soldiers, being trained for deployment to Europe in World War  I. That first day, over a hundred showed up for sick call at Fort Riley. Soon, others, with the same symptoms, appeared at other other bases, and other places in America.

It was Americans who carried the flu to Europe, at first decimating Allied troops and populations, then spreading across No Man's Land to affect the Germans, and from there to travel eastward, and southward to infect much of the world. And then, in a cruel irony, the influenza returned to the United States with the returning American troops after the Armistice, starting off another round of infection, and death.

The Spanish Flu was the closest the modern world has gotten to the Black Death of the Middle Ages. And we still don't know where it came from, how it developed or why. We do know mankind suffered a death toll unequaled by the combat deaths of the First World War.

 on: March 09, 2018, 06:20:23 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18







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 on: March 08, 2018, 10:39:29 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
She began life as the U.S.S. MERRIMACK, a 40 gun frigate in the U.S. Navy. Berthed in the Gosford Navy Yard, in Norfolk, Virginia, she was sunk by U.S. troops when the base was overrun by Confederate forces. Raised by the Rebels, Merrimack was converted into an iron clad warship by the Confederate Navy, and christened as the C.S.S VIRGINIA, although she has come down to us in history more commonly known by her original name.

Covered in some 30 tons of iron plate, and framed with 2" oak, VIRGINIA had not only banks of cannon on both sides, but bow and stern guns as well. Leaving her lair on March 8th, 1862, she sailed to Hampton roads, and into history.

The U.S. naval squadron blockading the James River knew she was coming. But they were powerless to stop her. She engaged U.S.S CUMBERLAND, exchanging fire with her, and then ramming her and sinking her. She then sank U.S.S CONGRESS, when during the exchange of fire, CONGRESS' magazines exploded, sinking the ship. VIRGINIA's final victim was U.S.S. MINNESOTA, which VIRGINIA ran aground. Further damage and casualties were prevented by Mother Nature. due to sand bars, tidal flows, etc., VIRGINIA was forced to withdraw. But it was well understood she would return the next day to finish what she had started.

VIRGINIA did return next day. But she didn't finish what she started. Because when she arrived at Hampton roads, a squat, iron clad Union vessel awaited her. Described as a "cheese box on a raft", U.S.S. MONITOR was the brainchild, and creation of John Erickkson. Sitting low in the water, MONITOR eschewed banks of side mounted cannon, which harkened back to the Age of Sail, and relied on a fully traversible armored turret mounting two naval cannon.

The two ships sparred with each other, but while neither suffered extensive damage, MONITOR proved far more maneuverable - and deadly. Her turret allowed her to fire at VIRGINIA from any location within her range, without having to change the direction, and lay of the entire ship on a different line to fire her guns. When the shooting ended, VIRGINIA withdrew, and MONITOR held "the field".

VIRGINIA never sallied forth again. As the Union forces moved up the Penisula, in McClellan's 1862 campaign, she was again scuttled, this time for good.

But VIRGINIA was greater than the sum of her parts. In one day, March 8, 1862, and in one engagement, she proclaimed the demise of wooden warships for all the world to see.   

 on: March 08, 2018, 06:17:45 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18


















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 on: March 07, 2018, 03:04:58 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
Well, the Oscars were held on Sunday past, and they had the 2nd smallest audience I believe in the last umpteen years.  Is that a surprise to anyone?  They have gone liberal fruitloop nuts for the last couple decades, and half the population have said they have had enough.

Receipts at the box office are the lowest in 25 years.   At $11-12 a ticket, and more in certain areas of the country, that means a lot of empty seats.  I used to attend every major film released that was not animated.  Sitting here now, I cannot honestly tell you the last movie I went to see.  I used to purchase every movie I liked on VHS, and then DVD when it came out, now I cannot tell you the last DVD I purchased.  I have about 1,000 DVDs and about the same in VHS, and I doubt I will buy any DVDs this year at all.  I don't watch the ones I have now, and when I do watch a movie, I have the sense I just watched it not that long ago.

Hollywood is dying, there is no question.  How do I know this?  Well, when actors like Bruce Willis do a remake of Death Wish, you know there is something terribly wrong in Hollywood.  The original Death Wish was not that great a movie to begin with.  I always liked Charles Bronson, but I never thought it was one of his better movies.  And I like Bruce Willis, but I have no desire to see the remake.

Someone on TV the other day said how many times do they need to remake the same movie?  Mutiny on the Bounty  was made four times, not counting the TV version movie.  Aren't we due for a remake of it?  We have had Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, and Mel Gibson as Fletcher Christian.  Who is the leading hunk yearning for that role today?  Heck, its been over 34 years since Gibson did his stuff.

With the changes in the demographics in America, Hollywood will decline further.  Living in Atlanta, we have Bollywood movies showing in many theaters here because of the large Indian population.  America is changing and becoming less dependent on Hollywood for its entertainment.

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