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February 20, 2018, 04:15:41 pm *
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 on: February 20, 2018, 06:15:32 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18



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This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C & L:

In Case You Missed It Dept.:
Hillary Clinton vs James Comey, Music Video "Email"


 on: February 19, 2018, 08:19:12 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by PzLdr
Iwo Jima, was a volcanic island of no particular beauty , or economic worth. It was dominated by an extinct volcano, Mount Suribachi, located on the southwest end of the island, and occupied by over 20,000 Japanese troops. Because what Iwo Jima had was location, location, location. It was strategically located in a place where american airfields could serve as emergency landing strips for B-29 bombers damaged in raids on mainland Japan [and in fact would do so before the island was secured]. Indeed, to the northeast of Suribachi, the Japanese had three airfields of their own.

The Japanese also had a commander, General Kurabiyashi, who had studied in america. And although he had opposed war with America, Kurabiyashi was a patriot. So when he was assigned to defend Iwo Jima, he did his best to do so.

By the time U.S. Marines were going to invade the island, Japanese defensive strategy and tactics had morphed, at least partially [they still engaged in 'Banzai' charges when all was lost], from the early days of Guadalcanal, etc. The Japanese were no longer trying to re-conquer ground, or even defeat the Americans in a classic sense. Rather, their goal, both strategic and tactical, was to kill so many Americans in battles of attrition, that the Americans would sue for a brokered peace, not "Unconditional Surrender". Japan was now fighting a purely Clausewitzian war, i.e. "politics by other means".

The Americans had first run into this new approach on Saipan, Pelieu, and other islands in the Marshalls, and afterwards. But evern the Marines were not fully prepared for what awaited them on Iwo Jima.

Kurabiyashi had his troops dig in. Caves, tunnel systems, alternate firing positions, bunkers blown and carved out of rock. command posts and ammo bunkers deep underground. And, above all, using Suribachi to maximum effect. His orders to his troops were simple. Kill ten Americans for the loss of each Japanese soldier. And neither he, nor they, expected to survive the battle. He also ordered the troops, and especially his artillery, to allow the Americans to land unhindered. and not to open fire until they were exposed on the beach.

It took four days for the Marines to take Suribachi. The reenacted flag raising became the most iconic photo of the war in the Pacific, if not the entire war for Americans.

As the Marines moved north, they ran into more extensive defensive systems, in country more favorable to the Japanese. It took some five weeks to subdue the island [and some 3,000 Japanese troops remained in the caves and tunnels, the last surrendering in 1949].

Of the 20,000 plus Japanese on Iwo Jima, only some 200 plus surrendered. Between 17,000 and 18,000 were killed or committed suicide [Kuraiyashi among the latter]. The Marines lost approximately 7,000 dead. But some 2,500 B-29s subsequently landed on Iwo, saving their crews.It was one of the U.S. Marine Corps' finest moments.

 on: February 19, 2018, 06:15:57 am 
Started by pookie18 - Last post by pookie18
















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This Thread Brought To You By The Letters C & W:

In Case You Missed It Dept.:
The Steele Dossier is the big topic in the week's Russia probe. It comically claims Trump stood on a hotel bed in Moscow and peed on hookers, at an age when it takes most men two minutes to start peeing. Rodney Dangerfield is kicking himself in Heaven for not doing this scene in one of his movies.
President Trump said he wants the U.S. to have a military parade in Washington like the one he enjoyed seeing in person in France last Bastille Day. Liberals are terrified by the idea. Teachers fear that just one patriotic parade could undo one hundred and eighty days of public school education.
President Trump joked that Democrats committed treason by not applauding any heroes in the gallery at his State of the Union. Democrats need a good alibi for that. Let's say Republicans cut off the heating in the Democrats' side of the Chamber and they had to sit on their hands to stay warm.
Democratic House Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff fell for a prank by Russia radio DJs who called his office pretending to be Ukrainian diplomats in possession of nude photos of President Trump with hookers. Not knowing he was on the air, Adam Schiff promised to get the FBI on the case. Comedy like this is why you want never to miss today's episode of Get Trump!
An FBI informant told the Senate that Russia funneled millions into Clinton interests to help Russia get uranium when Hillary was Secretary of State. It's a silly charge. That agreement required the signature of eight cabinet members and nobody believes Hillary would agree to an eight-way split.
Omarosa Manigault vowed to spill secrets about the Trump White House on NBC's Celebrity Big Brother Friday. Republicans can't understand why she turned on her old friend and said she'd never vote for Trump again in a million years. Look, she's either working for NBC or she's not.
President Trump rolled out a blockbuster two trillion dollar budget Monday. The debt-raising budget lavishes federal money on the U.S. military, on infrastructure and on entitlement programs. Suddenly the Democrats are racking their brains trying to remember why they hate this Trump fellow.
The U.S. Senate heard testimony Tuesday detailing the threats posed by Russian interference in our democracy. The probe included the ads they bought on Facebook. We can't allow Russia to deploy misleading propaganda to unfairly influence a U.S. presidential election. That's the media's job.
President Obama's presidential portrait was unveiled in the National Gallery Monday, which everybody pretended to like. However it gives Obama six fingers on one hand and Mitt Romney's hair. It looks like he might have spent too much time inspecting Iran's nuclear plant for leaks personally.
Bill Murray praised Trump's tax cuts Monday and ripped the Democrats for playing identity politics. The funeral for his movie career will be held at Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills Saturday. In lieu of flowers, he asked that donations be made to the Lakeside Caddy Retirement Fund.
-- Argus Hamilton
But the real story of the Olympics surprisingly aren't athletes. The stars of the Olympics so far are the cheerleaders from North Korea. Have you seen these North Korean cheerleaders? Kim Jong Un sent a team of more than 200 women to cheer on the North Korean athletes and it doesn't seem like they know what they're cheering. The North Korean women lost to Switzerland in hockey 8-0. They cheered the Zamboni machine when it came out. Really. These women are cheering like their lives depend on it. Because they do. They literally do.
-- Jimmy Kimmel

 on: February 17, 2018, 03:37:34 am 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
Director Wray better get off his defensive *ss and begin managing the FBI.  If I were President Trump, I would want EVERY head on a platter of those managing the branch of the FBI that dropped the warning of the Cruz monster into a black hole.

Trump should PURGE the FBI.  And let's get something straight, the FBI reputation is not that great, and has never been that great.  J. Edgar Hoover was a scoundrel in his own right, and he is memorialized with the FBI building named after him.  People have a problem with statues in a square, I have a problem with his being honored with a building named after him.  

So, how many innocent Americans have to die because the FBI is incompetent?  And let's face it, it is a management problem.  It usually is.

About six months ago, I called the FBI to report a federal crime, and the bimbo that I spoke to told me they do not handle that type of crime, and then rudely hung up on me.  She did not redirect me, did not say goodbye, just hung up.  The FBI is corrupt, mismanged, and now causing American children to die.  Many murdered in the Parkland school were only 14 years of age.  These innocent children would be alive today if not for the criminal negligence of the FBI management.  President Trump needs to step up and address the corruption, address the total lack of proper leadership of the FBI.  My advice, fire the top 100 people in management right out of the gun, and do an assessment on the next 100, and put a metric in place that basically is designed to fire them as well unless the performance changes radically at the FBI.


 on: February 16, 2018, 11:34:37 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
First off, on abortion, I consider it mass genocide.  I do not care that five idiots seated on the Supreme Court ruled that genocide should be legal, it should be brought to an end ASAP.  It is just one of the factors destroying our country.

And in regard to the AR-15, I used that as an example.  I did not know it is used for hunting, so to clarify, any semi automatic weapon should require licensing and a test of sorts along the line I suggested.  I am not suggesting they should not be on the market, or prohibited from ownership, but if you want to own one, you jump through some hoops to own one.

They just announced on TV that the Supreme Court might rule on the legitimacy of DACA.  Again, like abortion, they have no business ruling on this.  Congress has not made a decision, so there is nothing to rule on.  And if they are going to say they have the RIGHT to remain, then I say we need serious changes to a Constitution that usurps the other branches of government.  Frankly, lawyers have done a fine job of destroying America too.  If Trump wanted to order ICE to deport every illegal alien, he should have the power to do that.

But doing nothing in regard to these mass shootings is wrong.

 on: February 16, 2018, 11:13:02 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
THIS IS PURE NONSENSE....SMOKE AND MIRRORS FOR A YEAR OF PRODUCING ZIP.  Mueller is a fool on a fool's errand.  

The article indicated "All the defendants are charged with "criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States," a federal offense."  Well frankly, at the very top of the list is Hillary Clinton for doing this.  She defrauded Bernie Sanders, and then went on to defraud the federal government with the multi million dollar dossier.  When is Hillary getting her indictment, I ask?  When?

The utter nonsense that Russia affected our election is a joke.  Yes, for many decades, I am certain that Russia, China, and perhaps others have attempted to affect affairs in the USA.  It is expected.  We do it to them as well.  For decades, the USA has interferred in many elections within foreign countries.  This should not be news to anyone, and certainly is not a smoking gun in regard to Russia.

I know one thing for certain.  Vladimir Putin goes to bed and gets up every d*mn day laughing his *ss off at how utterly idiotic the USA is.  And particularly as it pertains to our media, which is comprised of the biggest fools of all.

I have traveled to Russia on three occasions, and I am telling everyone, the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people was that of Russia being the threat they have been portrayed to be through the decades.  That notion is laughable.  Yes, Russia was a threat to Europe, for it would have been very easy for them to roll over all of Europe successfully.  But do the same to the USA, not in a million years.  The movie Red Dawn was a total fantasy.

Fact is, Russia on a good day is a 3rd world nation.  Their military goes for six months without pay.  In order to feed themselves, they go to the dachas outside every city and loot them for food to survive.  This is considered normal there.  But here we are, once again, the fire breathing dragon, Russia, is a threat to America, a threat to our elective process.  Laughable is all I can say.

Sean Hannity tonight said "the Mueller investigation is a serious investigation".  NO IT ISN'T!!!  It is a swamp sham, smoke and mirrors.  A multi million dollar travesty.  And anyone that says Mueller has credibility is part of the damn swamp or a total idiot.  

I am certain the Russian meddling was decidedly smaller than the number of illegal aliens voting in America, smaller than the number of dead people, who mysteriously voted in certain areas of the country, and half a dozen other occurrences that impacted our elections.

Special counsel Robert Mueller shook Washington again on Friday with the release of an indictment alleging that 13 Russians and three Russian organizations meddled heavily in the 2016 presidential election.

While the indictment does not suggest that any Americans were involved in the effort or that it affected the election's outcome, it included a host of details that suggested the depth of Mueller's work.

Here are five things to know about the indictment.

...Suppressing the minority vote was a part of the alleged operation...

...The indictment shows the conspirators went to great lengths to cover their tracks...

...The indictment includes serious crimes..


 on: February 16, 2018, 10:22:29 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by PzLdr
[1] In New York, everyone who legally purchased an AR-15 back in the day, was required to register that gun with the State Police [and forbidden from using it for ANY purpose]. they estimate 95% of "assault gun" owners never did. Technically, they're all felons now [plus being a felon for every 10 + round magazine they own. so I don't think they'll be taking your test

[2] AR's can be used for target shooting [They've taken over at Camp Perry - highly accurate], home defense, and hunting. So under your rationale, NO AR owner has to take your test.

[3] Every gun owner  I know would ask 'Who grades the test?'. As Joe Stain said, 'It's who counts the votes'. Aside from giving the government another list of where the ARs are, what happens if THEY decide you've failed the test? You might trust them to mark it fairly. gun owners have no reason to.

And the government can talk to gun owners about their guns, right after they talk to all those "Women's Health" thugs, who've murdered 60 million unborn human beings. If their deaths are a crime we must bear to protect a 'constitutional right' to abortion, then, why the hue and cry, when far fewer school kids get killed, to limit my rights under the 2d amendment?

 on: February 16, 2018, 04:24:58 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
25 mass shootings at schools, and the deplorable Congress does nothing.  No surprise really.  Most members of Congress only know how to do one thing well, and that is line their pockets with gold.  Beyond that, nothing else matters.

But I have a solution for mass shootings, or multiple steps to be taken to reduce mass shootings.  But before I get into that, I would like to mention the following.  Many years ago, I was a sales rep. sales manager and broker in the investment/insurance industry.  Subsequent to the Mike Miliken and Ivan Boesky abuses within the investment arena, I was as well as everyone licensed in the securities arena subjected to taking a test every year or every other year to verify I/we understand the laws as specified regarding sucurities, etc.  I had to pay a fee at a testing center to take the test.  I could not function in the industry without it.

Well, I think it is time for all gun owners of guns not designated for hunting and home protection to do something similar.  Everyone that owns a gun that is semi automatic not intended for hunting, i.e AR-15s, should be required to take this test.  And the test should have questions that check the sanity of the test taker.  Any answers that are suspect would result in the immediate confiscation and potential detention of those that fail the exam.  

With all the above remedies, there is no denial of ownership above age 21 unless you are questionable regarding mental stability.  The 2nd Amendment remains intact.  And it creates a means for generating additional revenue for the government.  

Also, all of America has to be 21 to consume alcohol, or to purchase alcohol.  I believe age 21 should be applied to all wanting to purchase any semi automatic weapon.  I pay title fees, license fees, inspection fees to own and operate a vehicle.  It is time gun owners of certain weapons, i.e. semi automatic weapons, be faced with the same.

Again, all this can be done with no infringement upon the 2nd amendment.  It would still allow those under 21 to hunt, to target shoot, etc, but not own or use semi automatic weapons.

And finally, I believe it should be fazed in that all school have armed security, and use metal detectors for all that enter school property.  Having been a member of a community school board, I can tell you that students bringing weapons on school property are kept quiet from the public.  The area I lived in had many quality school districts, all of them, including the one I was a member of had kids bringing guns to school EVERY YEAR, but it was all kept quiet.  The media, the public NEVER got word one about it in these wealthier communities.  It happened every year in the district I was in, and we were fortunate that some student came to the administration, teacher, etc and indicated that such and such brought this weapon or that, and police authorities were called in immediately without incident.


Our only solution was to QUIETLY expel the kid, and send him(always males BTW) to a school, at the school district's great expense, intended for kids that were problem kids.

Another ESSENTIAL step is to require to report to the FBI every kid found bringing a weapon to school, and make it a criminal offense not to report the offense to the FBI.  Like I said, we had at least one gun incident every year I was on the board, and multiple knife incidents.  Our school policy was quite clear.  Each student signed a document each year describing the policy, and that we had a zero tolerance policy, any infraction was met with being expelled.  And the finest school districts in the Pittsburgh metro had the same experiences and outcomes.  It was all kept quiet.

Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith emotionally Lists all 25 Fatal School Shootings since Columbine

Fox News host Shepard Smith, as he was anchoring coverage of the high school massacre in Parkland, Fla., in which at least 17 were killed, emotionally listed every fatal U.S. school shooting since Columbine in 1999.

"Since Columbine in 1999, there have been 25 fatal, active school shootings at elementary and high schools in America," he told viewers on Wednesday. He then read the years and locations of each incident, making particular note of the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut in which 20 young children and six adults were killed.

"And just today, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Broward County, Florida, in the town of Parkland. ? The 25th fatal school shooting since Columbine High School in America."


 on: February 16, 2018, 01:13:51 pm 
Started by jafo2010 - Last post by jafo2010
FBI now stands for F*ck*d*p Beyond Ineptitude

It was just revealed that the FBI was alerted to a posting by Nicholas Cruz, I believe on Facebook, indicating he was going to be a school killer in mid January, and did absolutely nothing.  And the idiot that now leads the FBI is going to do an investigation.  

What a criminal disgrace this bureau has become.  TOTAL INCOMPETENCE....TOTAL CORRUPTION

Donald Trump needs to take the reins here and fire the hierarchy of almost all of the upper echelon FBI nimrods.  Yes, I want a full on purge of every manager above a certain level.  This is a disgrace.  How many more disgraceful events by the FBI do we need to tolerate?

In an effort to put a modern day face on things, I think FBI should supplant FUBAR as the expression representing things going to sh*t!

 on: February 16, 2018, 10:58:03 am 
Started by PzLdr - Last post by jafo2010
And they use steroids today, which morphs them into something beyond mere humans.  Frankly, no one since about 1990 measures up to the players of the days when drugs were not part of the game.  People like Ruth and Mantle are still far superior than these pharmanoids of today!!!!!!!!!

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